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Thursday, August 7th, 2008

I’ve been looking forward to the release of this book for a year.

When I started talked with David at RDP regarding the Cabbages, I asked him what book he’d like to publish, if he could choose any book on his ‘wish list’. A cyberpunk book was his answer. So, the Cabbages set about making his dream come true.

Interface-Zero is the result of over a year of development by B. Matthew Conklin III, Hal Maclean, Patrick Smith and Richard Clark (among others).

Available from OBS and RPGO.

A Touch of Evil: Kobolds

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Liz Courts (), a good friend of mine, has reached a milestone in her freelance career – her first solo cover credit. The book? RDP’s A Touch of Evil: Kobolds.

The Touch of Evil series highlights a single race, giving GMs additional background material, and a number of NPCs which can be used in play. The NPCs are presented at three different power levels, making them perfect for recurring villains.

Liz was born for this project. Her work at DM Tools, for those familiar with the site, has produced a constant stream of great plug ‘n’ play NPCs. Give Liz your support – buy a copy of Kobolds today.

Heroic Toolkits: Vehicles

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Heroic Toolkits: Vehicles was just released. That’s three books from Ed, Inc in one week!

“Vehicles make exciting props for a True20 story. They create instant images in the minds of players and represent mobility, travel, passion, conflict, intrigue and virtually any other emotion or concept that the Narrator wishes. When the Narrator describes the villain arriving in a pearl white Aston Martin or escaping in a sputtering Sopwith Camel World War I biplane, a scene is set in the minds of the players! Vehicles help set the scene and help create an image.

The True20 rules provide basic statistics for a few common types of vehicles. This supplement provides the Narrator with more. More vehicles, more options, more feats and more suggestions on gameplay. Spice up your True20 story with True20 vehicles—up in space, below the waves, on the freeways or the muddy dirt track roads of some medieval kingdom. More action and excitement awaits!

The statistics in this book are based on the latest available True20 errata, which greatly modified the statistics of vehicles originally printed in the True20.”

This Product provides Players and narrators with an abundance of vehicles and vehicle weapons from a number of popular roleplaying game genres including Fantasy, modern, near future and far-flung sci-fi and space settings.

You can grab your copy at these fine e-retailers: One Bookshelf, Your Games Now and RPGObjects

It should be noted, that when buying the PDF from RPG Objects, you will receive a special discount on the print version when it becomes available. Those who purchase the PDF from another seller need only provide proof of purchase to RPG Objects to qualify for the same discount.

Book of Bones: Blighted Bestiary

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Another product from Ed, Inc… This is the second product I’ve worked on for RDP’s Blood Throne setting. Enjoy!

Let them know obedience. Let them know desolation. But, most of all, let them know pain…
Salena Valanas, instructing the Shapers Guild

Written by Hal Maclean and Mathew Kaiser, the Blighted Bestiary presents a host of new monsters and minions designed to help the blight elves carry out their crusade of visiting misery to every corner of the world. Though designed as a companion volume to Blight Elves: Architects of Despair, a Narrator could easily adapt the creatures, templates and even stat blocks of different creatures found within this book to fit other situations. Every world needs villains, the more dastardly the better, and the blight elves, devoted servants to the goddess of suicide, bring an entirely new dimension to villainy.

Seeking not territorial aggrandizement or personal glory, but rather to make every living creature prefer death to life, the blight elves apply every facet of their pitiless lore to manufacturing servant creatures. Twisting flesh and bone to suit their purposes, they delight in the certainty that most of their vassals suffer with constant torment, both physical and psychological. Only the safeguards bred into them by their masters keeps these wretched creatures from taking revenge for the misery of their existence.

Below are but a few of the blighted horrors you will find in this product:

  • Blaze Shrikes: birds with combustible blood that serve their masters as free-willed grenades.
  • Blight Nags: Once noble steeds twisted into slavish battle mounts that radiate an aura overwhelming melancholy.
  • Bone Gallows: An undead lynching post made from the bone and flesh of earlier victims.
  • Carrion Claws: Emaciated predatory cats that must feed through their claws by stealing life energy from their victims.
  • Desiccated Colossi: Giants that drain the moisture from their victims with the slightest touch.
  • Dracoraptors: Flying reptiles with breath so repulsive few creatures can stand against them.
  • Dust Stalkers: Disease ridden guard animals trained to hunt and kill.
  • Fendracs: Psychic wolves psychically linked by a pack mind.
  • Frost Creeps: Giant worms that emit a slime that liquefies and then freezes their surroundings, making it all but impossible for their victims to escape when they roll over them.
  • Hollowhorns: Gigantic rams that make sounds that grow more terrifying the faster they move.
  • Hookhides: Huge froglike creatures covered in barbed quills capable of shredding through entire squadrons with each leap.
  • Killstings: Giant wasp like creatures that implant rapidly maturing eggs in their victims causing squirming grubs to almost instantly spill out of the wound.

The Blighted Bestiary works well as both a supplement for the Blood Throne Campaign Setting or as a stand alone creature supplement for use in your own campaign!

Grab your copy today at these fine E-retailers:

One Bookshelf!

Your Games Now!

True Cyberpunk

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Want to know what happens when a bunch of WereCabbages are told to create a cyberpunk setting for the True20 ruleset? Look no further, my friend… READ THIS.

Over the next ten months, look forward to some great content from Rone Barton, Wolfgang Baur (), Matt Conklin, Adam Daigle (), Hal Maclean, Patrick Smith, and Greg A Vaughan. Edited by Troy Taylor and yours truly.


Friday, January 18th, 2008

Fellow WereCabbage, Patrick Smith, has a new product out. Here’s the sales text:

Written by Michael Daumen and Patrick Smith, Technothrillers is a 106 page True20 espionage kit which provides Narrators and Players with everything they need to run exciting, action-packed spy games!

This toolkit includes new rules for using various types of Tradecraft, planning out a mission, vehicle chase rules and TONS of equipment!

Technothrillers; A true20 espionage Toolkit is fully bookmarked and has a clickable table of contents.

Check out this great espionage supplement for the True20 system today.