What Your How Says

How you do something may say more about you than you realize.

I always keep a glass of water on my desk while I work. Because I drink so much water, I often have a pitcher of water on the floor nearby as well.

I’m not always at my desk, though.

And I have cats – cats that love to drink from my cup if I leave it unattended and with water inside.

Unfortunately, I don’t cherish the thought of sharing water holes with two mousers, so I’ve taken steps to make sure my feline friends don’t get to slake their thirst in my office.

I used to keep the door closed at all times, especially when I wasn’t in the room. This kept them out of my office, and therefore off my desk and away from my cup and it’s glorious water.

Lately, though, I made the conscious decision to change tactics. Instead of locking them out of my office I now just make sure I leave my glass empty. No water. No shared drinking container.

Both tactics are in pursuit of the same goal, but they go about accomplishing that goal in very different ways.

Which would you choose? And what, if anything, might your choice say about you, your view of the world, your values, etc?

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