Listening to Explain Why

GameratiTV is a year old, and I’ve learned a lot from it.

Just over a year ago, jim pinto of Post World Games and I were walking through a parking lot in Indianapolis the Wednesday before The Best Four Days in Gaming. We were talking about his new company and game design, as we do, and the topic turned to why we design games. On a lark, I asked jim if he’s shoot a video for me to introduce himself and talk about why he loves gaming. And, I asked him to end it with his name and ‘I am the Gamerati’.

For a lark, I thought it turned out pretty good.

So, I decided to do more.

At Gen Con, I shot videos with Lexy Kassan, Sean Nittner, Philippe-Antoine Ménard, Karen Twelves, Brennan Taylor, Ryan Costello, Jr., Alison Scheirman, and Joe Richardson.

When Erik Frankhouse and I set off after Gen Con to embark on the Gamerati Tour, I continued shooting videos with the Gamerati at each stop along the way. I’ve released over 100 of these “I am the Gamerati” videos on GameratiTV this year, even including stories sent in from Israel and The Bahamas. I fully intend to do more.

None of this was planned.

This was an idea that went from my brain to my lips and into execution in the span of moments, but has turned into a defining element of what Gamerati is; we celebrate gamers of all types, from everywhere and from every walk of life.

Most plans fail to execute in the same way the planner envisioned. The realities of the real world – be they those in the marketplace or on the battlefield, or just life – interact with our best intentions and it’s on us to recognize the signs and adapt.

It was the community of friends and fellow gamers that told me – even without a direct conversation of intent – what Gamerati should be.

What is your family telling you?

What are your customers telling you?

Are you listening?

Do you see an opportunity for change, a pivot in what you do that better explains why you do it?

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