What Does an Effective Banner Ad Look Like?

I’ve managed the banner advertisements on a number of great hobby gaming websites for the last two years. What started with the Kobold Quarterly home page has expanded into a network of sites visited by over 750,000 gamers and comic book enthusiasts each month.

During that time, over 100 companies have run campaigns with us. To date, we’ve served over 725 million banner impressions and recorded over 1.7 million clicks. That’s the sample size…

… Here are the best performing banners, each receiving more than a 1% CTR.

(10) The Imperial Gazetteer (Open Design)

(9) Ancient Warfare Magazine

(8) Galactic Empire (Castle Games)

(7) Fear the Boot

(6) Gaming Paper

(5) Gnome Stew

(4) Noble Knight Games

(3) Great Victory Widgets

(2) Chez Geek (LocWorks)

(1) Roleplaying Tips

The average click-thru-rate for display advertisements on the network is 0.24%. Each of these banners received at least four times the average response.

Why do you think these banners performed so well?


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