Leaving the Third Tribe

Early last month, Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Chris Brogan and Sonia Simone launched Third Tribe Marketing, “a private community where like-minded people help each other out. It’s based on a combination of education and interaction that takes everyone’s Internet marketing skills to a higher level.” The dual-pillars of education and interaction support the Third Tribe. Members pay $47 each month for access to marketing classes and webinars, as well as a private forum where they can discuss issues facing their businesses.

There are over 2,000 Third Tribe accounts right now. When you have that many highly motivated entrepreneurs in a closed community, the one thing you will not lack is conversation. Third Tribe is new, but I can already see that the volume of ideas and opportunities can quickly overwhelm.

Chris Brogan said it himself, when he wrote, “I can’t keep up.” (NOTE: Chris was not talking about Third Tribe, but about the demands on his time in general.)

$47 for access to people with “big brain” seemed like a good deal, so I became a member and tested the Third Tribe. Some of the classes have been interesting, but I do not think I will renew my membership. The community is just too large for me.

I fear it may be too large for the founders as well. If the goal is to create a self-helping community with some guidance from on high, they may succeed. However, if the goal is to give meaningful attention to Third Tribe members, I do not think the Tribe will live up to expectations, regardless of how talented the founders are.

I wish the Third Tribe was smaller. I’m sure I am not the only one that would pay $150 per month, if that meant being one of 500 people with direct access to the people at the top. I might even part with $300 per month, if that meant the Tribe was half-again as small – because it would likely then be twice as useful for me.

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