Dynamic URL Suffixes

I have a problem I can’t solve, and I’m hoping someone reading this can help. I’d like to dynamically tack a set suffix on to blog URLs before feeding them out into various channels.

Example URL: http://ephealy.com/sample-blog-post

Let’s say I want to tack on a tracking code for Facebook before feeding it to a Facebook page so that traffic resulting from Facebook can be tracked. Example Facebook URL: http://ephealy.com/sample-blog-post?tid=12345

And let’s say I have a different code for Twitter that I’d like to tack on before bit.ly takes over and the update feeds to a Twitter account. Example Twitter URL: http://ephealy.com/sample-blog-post?tid=67890

Is there a service that can handle this type of thing? I’d love to hear from you, if you know the answer.

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