Gen Con Indy 2009 Redux

albumgc09seI had a blast at Gen Con this year. It was a big show for Moonstew – Rone and I released nine episodes during the show. “The best for days in radio!”

Here’s a peak at the madness:

This Just In…From GenCon 2009! Pre-show #2:
On the second pre-show episode of This Just In From GenCon 2009, I joined Ryan Macklin to talk about convention survival.

Diana Jones Awards: I was proud to sponsor this year’s award. Dominion walked away with the well-deserved recognition.

Day 1

Atomic Array: Gen Con 2009 Special Edition I: Paizo Publishing, 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming and Mongoose Publishing.

I took some nifty videos as well. If you’d like to check them out, hook up with me on Facebook.

Day 2

Atomic Array: Gen Con 2009 Special Edition II: Mongoose Publishing, Terra/Sol Games and Paizo Publishing.

Pathfinder RPG (Atomic Array 029): Jason Bulmahn talks about the new rules. James Jacobs and Wes Schneider talk about Council of Thieves, the first AP using the new Pathfinder RPG.

Day 3

Atomic Array: Gen Con 2009 Special Edition III: In addition to our normal coverage, Brandon Hodge continues to get us interesting ‘gamer at the con’ quotes.

This Just In…From GenCon 2009! Saturday 5pm: I cohosted an episode of This Just in… with Ryan Macklin and had a blast. Guests Eddy Webb (White Wolf Publishing) and Brennan Taylor (Indie Press Revolution) were awesome.

Day 4

Atomic Array: Gen Con 2009 Special Edition IV: Paizo and Mongoose and Fat Dragon Games and more quotes.

RPG Countdown: Best of 2008 Special: We’ve counted down the 100 hottest selling digital RPG products of 2008 – 25 each day. On Sunday, we reached #1!

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