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War Pig is a 24-hour streaming radio station, with programming that focuses on board games, RPGs, comics, and other geek content. You can find the stream at: http://www.warpigradio.com/

Before launching War Pig, we contacted a number of our fellow podcasters, inviting them to contribute content for the station. Most of our initial contributors are now in place, including:

* Atomic Array
* Family Night
* Fear the Boot
* The Game Kennel
* Ogre Cave Gaming New Update
* Print & Play
* RPG Countdown
* Wapcaplets

We also have some new content launching shortly, including contributions from:

* The Escapist
* Sy Fy Radio
* Voice of the Revolution

With our current line-up we have great content, but not as much new material each week as we’d like. We’re looking for more.

War Pig is designed for a broad, public audience—including game stores—so we’ve determined a number of things we’d like to see from any shows we add.

1. It must be informative and entertaining.
2. It should be safe for listeners of most ages. No swearing or adult content.
3. It needs to be short-form. We prefer content that runs less than 15 minutes and will not likely be adding anything that runs more than 30 minutes.
4. It should offer something new—something that our current content doesn’t cover.
5. It should contain no irrelevant, divisive topics such as politics or religion.

If you have a show you’d like to submit, or a show idea you’d like to see us develop, contact us at warpigradio@gamerati.com.

Our other major objective is to increase the number of places where War Pig is available. We recently made it possible for webmasters to add War Pig Radio to their websites by embedding a special widget using only two lines of JavaScript. The widget pops-up a player that can be custom branded to your site. Even if you don’t administer a website, you can help by encouraging your favorite ones to add the War Pig player.

We currently have twelve gaming shops playing War Pig Radio over their speakers. We’d like to quickly increase this number. If you are a retailer and playing War Pig in your store, let us know so we can tell people about you.

There are hundreds of stores that don’t even know about War Pig Radio yet. Please help us get their attention by telling them about us. If you don’t feel comfortable asking your local shop owner, let us know how we can contact them, and we’ll do it for you.

Website: http://www.warpigradio.com/
Contact: warpigradio@gamerati.com

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