Help Me Make a Moonstew Logo

I need a logo for something called Moonstew. I have a vague idea floating in my head as to what I want, but I’m unsure if it’s even possible to execute properly. I’d do it myself, but I have no art ability at all.

The idea is two spherical objects – heavenly bodies – that are so close to each other that their profiles are overlapping. I Google’d “moon formation” and found an image that approximates what I’m going for. You can see it, to the right (and click on it to see a larger version).

I don’t think I want people to automatically connect the moon formation idea with the logo, though. I’d like the final version to be a stylistic representation of the idea. What I’m hoping for is a “glossy corporate” look that you might associate with new media companies. Something like this, in tone:

The reason I’m including this NASA 50 image is because it has the “spacey” outline look I was trying to play with in PhotoShop. Alas, my design-fu is terrible and I am too embarrassed to share my shameful results. Anyway, I’m thinking it might be possible to give the impression of two globes in close proximity (see image #1) by using the partial outlines, as is the objects were back lit. My hope is that this can be done, and then “prettied up” to look modern and corporate.

But _I_ can’t do it. Can you help me?

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