Reign of Discordia


Reality Deviant Publications and Darrin Drader have teemed up to produce a new science fiction space opera campaign setting called “Reign of Discordia” exclusively for the True20 game system.

The core book, due out in May, describes a galaxy in turmoil following the collapse of a major star-spanning government called the Stellar Imperium. The core Imperium worlds have been destroyed and most of the former member worlds have decided to fend for themselves. While they try to reestablish their own sovereignty, a brutal power lurks, slowly exacting their vengeance upon a defeated people.

“This is something that has really been on the backburner for a few years,” said author Darrin Drader. “I’ve been a huge space opera fan since I was a young child. I caught the original Star Wars in the theater when it was first released in 1977, I was a huge fan of Star Trek, the original Battlestar Galactica, and all the other major space shows that have been around since then. I really wanted to do a space opera, but I wanted to do something that captured the excitement and a little bit of the style that you saw with science fiction back in that era. I think there were some ideas about the future and future technology back then that you just don’t see very much of anymore, so I wanted to dust those off and incorporate them into the setting. I also wanted to make the play style support a number of different sub-genres within the larger space opera genre, and I think I’ve managed to accomplish those goals. I feel that the best system for this sort of game is Green Ronin’s True20 game, so I’m quite pleased that we decided to use it for this setting.”

Reign of Discordia will become one of Reality Deviant Publication’s core settings, which will receive several accessories and adventures in the near future. Reality Deviant’s other core settings include Cthulhu, Land of the Crane, Interface-Zero and Blood Throne.

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About Reality Deviant Publications
Reality Deviant Publications is a small press publishing company whose focus is on producing a variety of RPG games and supplements for various game systems including True20 and the Ogl/D20 system. More information about Reality Deviant Publications is at

About Darrin Drader
Darrin Drader is an eight year veteran of the role playing game industry and has worked on several well known products, including the Book of Exalted Deeds, D20 Apocalypse, Forgotten Realms: Serpent Kingdoms, and Forgotten Realms: Mysteries of the Moonsea, all by Wizards of the Coast. He was also an integral part of the Oathbound campaign setting, with a sizable amount of material in Plains of Penance, Wrack and Ruin, Arena, and Wildwood. He has also written a number of gaming related articles for a variety of other publishers. A full list of credits is posted at

About True20
True20 is published under the Open Game License, and is based on the world’s most popular roleplaying game system, giving it many elements familiar to fans and players of that and other similar systems. Many gamers appreciate that it is a streamlined version of the rules and it is setting neutral, making it highly customizable. More information is available at

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