Till Death us do part…

Web Exclusive from Kobold Quarterly
The D&D Monster Manual states that the organisation of liches is solitary or a troupe (assisted by vampires). But what happens if love truly conquers all? Could two evil spellcasters decide that life without each other is simply impossible?

Here are two scenarios between entangled lovers in the mortal world, Kith and his lover Leptonia. Both are accomplished spellcasters who wish for the immortality of lichdom. Kith has already attained his undeath, and his lover wishes only one act to precede joining him – their marriage. Shortly thereafter, Leptonia becomes a willing participant in the ceremony to become a lich.

This lich’s tale expands on the material of the “Ecology of the Lich,” written by Richard Pett, and published in Kobold Quarterly #3.

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