Kobold Quarterly Promotion

If you’ve been thinking about subscribing to Kobold Quarterly, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, now’s the time.

While supplies last, each new paper + PDF subscriber will receive a FREE set dice from Q-Workshop. I’ve held them in my hand, and these aren’t cheap hunks of plastic. They’re really nice dice.

But forget about the promotion for a moment, because KQ is getting bigger and better all the time. The January issue clocks in at 56 pages, with offerings from Keith Baker, Ed Greenwood, Ari Marmell, Wolfgang Baur, and more. You can’t get this kind of gaming content anywhere.

Arbeyach, Lord of the Locusts by Ari Marmell
Buzzzz! The master of famine, decay, and bureaucracy strikes down his foes like a plague. Or possibly a swarm. Is there a plague template?

Star & Shadow Magic
The secret school of Zobeck magic, found nowhere else! The heavens part, the stars descend, and we reveal the secrets of this uniquely Zobeckian form of magery.


Great gaming content!

From great authors!

At a great price!

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