Power Napping

I’ve been taking a lot of short naps lately. If I have an hour to burn, and no access to a computer or the internet, I rack out. They never last long, and are of dubious quality, but I take them none-the-less.

And I don’t know why.

I want a 30-hour day – 20 hours to “do stuff” and 10 to sleep. I want this because I can’t sleep unless I am exhausted. My mind just won’t shut off unless my body gives out underneath it. If I try to go to bed before I’m tired, I just get bored and frustrated.

That’s how I used to be. Now I take power naps.

Maybe it’s just my way of trying to forget where I am. Heck, if I could sleep away every moment I’m not required to be awake, my stay in Iraq would go a little faster. But then it would also be wasted.

I want to get published before I leave Iraq. I’ve got a few more months to make that happen.

No more power napping.

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