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Weekend Review: 08 June 2008

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Kobold Quarterly
Our Anniversary Issue (#5) popped this week, in time for Origins. My favorite articles: Jezebal, Princess of Poison Winters by James Jacobs and V is for Vermin by Aeryn Rudel. Now I gear up for the GenCon issue – advertisers have a week left before we close the books. If you’re looking to promote your products and services to the thousands of screaming kobolds that read KQ, now’s the time to contact me.

Atomic Array
The work-up for the launch of my new podcast is going well, though I have yet to nail down the website. My mock-up is done – it’s just waiting on the codemonkey to make my vision a reality. Episode #001 should be released on 20 June.

… or stuff that I still need to put to bed.

OpenID: I need to wrap up my understanding of how to “provide” my own OpenID. I need this before I can relaunch my personal website, so if anyone can help me out…

Firefox Audio Player: I know that making one of these is possible, but haven’t found one yet. I need a tech guru to write me. Know one?

Web Radio: I know I just posted this one, but it’s going on the list until I get an answer. I need an idiot’s guide to internet radio, or a mentor.

Weekend Review: 01 June 2008

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Last week was hectic. I’ve been trying to nail down as many projects as possible, so that I can focus on more profitable endeavors. There’s a conspiracy to keep me unfocused, though – a little time wasted here, some spinning of wheels there. On top of it all, the internet was been notoriously unreliable here in Bulgaria. I’ve driven over 5 hours this weekend, just so I could get materials in to publishers by deadlines. Hectic.

What have I been working on lately?

Poor Wizard’s Grimoire
I wrapped up my edit of the third book for the Colonial Gothic RPG by Rogue Games. This was the first time I’ve worked with James and Richard. I loved every minute of it. Professional, communicative, open – you can’t beat that, when comes to game publishers. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future. Expected release: August 2008

Dungeon Crawl Classics #55: Isle of the Sea-Drake
This was my first editing gig for Goodman Games. I enjoyed the work, but issues with my email and internet played havoc with our ability to communicate. The book is in, though, leaving me anxious to hear feedback about my comments. In the meantime… Expected release: August 2008

PC Pearls: A Collection of Character Inspiration
With the success of GM Gems, Goodman Games was keen to do a follow-up product. This time, my fellow Cabbages have decided to go with a book for players. Unlike the first book, I barely contributed to this one. I was just too busy. I will be curious to see how this one turns out. Expected release: August 2008

Haemimont Games
My bowling outing with the crew at Haemimont Games went well. They’ve hired me to do some work on an as-yet-announced computer game, set to be released in late 2009. It my first gig working solo for a computer company, so I’m glad I have a very minor portion of the game. I hope it goes well.

Kobold Quarterly
The Kobold Quarterly website now has an email newsletter sign-up, and an RSS feed via FeedBurner. Issue #5 is about to pop, as well. I finished up linking the advertisements this weekend, in fact. I know I say this a lot, but KQ is just getting better and better. Every issue surpasses the last one. If you aren’t a subscriber, you’re missing out.

GameBuyer Magazine
While Kobold Quarterly is for consumers, GameBuyer is for retailers and distributors. The deadline for the July issue is right around the corner. If you’re a publisher with a print product coming out in July, make sure you get with Aldo at Impressions, so your product can make the next issue.

Dark Whispers
Rone and I are gearing up for the second episode of the… “Official Podcast of Sinister Adventures.” We’ll be talking with Nick a bit, but we’re also hoping to have a special guest on the show as well. Anyway, things are going well with Sinister Advertures, so I’m confident we’ll be podcasting for them for some time to come.

Atomic Array
Right now, I’m working on a mock-up of the website I want to use for my next podcasting project. It’s a gaming podcast, so if you have a product you’d like to pimp – let me know. I’m hoping that AA Episode 001 will be out by June 15th. Darrin Drader will be the guest, and we’ll be talking about Reign of Discordia, the space-opera setting he created for RDP.

Advertising and Virtual Worlds at GenCon
I’ve been asked to give two seminars at GenCon this year. One is on Friday, and deals with how advertising can be used to support your brand. The second is on Saturday; Mike Stackpole and Ryan Dancey will be joining me to discuss virtual worlds (Second Life) and MMOs (Eve Online).