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Games on the Cheap

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

When I deployed to Iraq the first time, I missed having some of my games around. I made do, but it’s hard to go from a closet-full of games, to have a half-dozen to choose from. Before deploying this time, I decided that wasn’t going to happen again. I packed a few extras in my bags…

‘The best laid plans’ are sometimes incomplete, though. I got here and missed all those little games that I’d use to waste an hour or two, ever so often. There’s just so much RISK and Monopoly and Clue a person can play, after all.

Enter Cheapass Games.

Thanks to James, and his dedication to selling fun games at low prices, I’ve been able to re-up much of my game supply out here. Cheapass has been around for years, and James is a solid designer. I highly encourage anyone interested in games to check out some of his products.