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Richard Hammond presents Bloody Omaha

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

I have no idea if this is how they really made the Omaha Beach scene in Saving Private Ryan, but it sure is an interesting vid…

Breach (2007)

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

I don’t watch that many movies; there aren’t that many worth watching. My friends kid me that I always walk out of the theater. That’s unfair; I’ve stayed for at least three that I can remember!

I was going crazy the other day, so I popped in Breach, in an attempt to numb my brain and relax. It’s a decent flick; I was pleasantly surprised.

The part of Robert Hanssen, one of the biggest spies in US history, is played by Chris Cooper. I like this guy. He’s usually cast in a supporting role, so I think one of the reasons I paid attention to this movie was that he had a central part.

Eric O’Neill, the guy who played an integral part in bringing Hanssen down, intrigues me. Perhaps this is because we’re the same age, I don’t know. He wasn’t an agent, but dreamed of it. But, seeing the stress the life of the FBI caused for his family, he walked away. O’Neill currently practices law in DC.

Elven Prayer Hymn

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

A few days ago, I posted a link to the DragonLance movie trailer. Today, I have something else, something very cool…