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Holographic Video Conferencing

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Today’s video games have great graphics, and game environments are becoming more and more immersive. Virtual worlds, like Second Life, can’t match the power of a console gaming platform, but what they lack in graphical finesse, they make up for by providing a rich social networking experience.

They’re all outdated crap!

Compared to what companies like Musion are doing, even the X-BOX can be considered a dinosaur. Watch the video, below. It’s a recording of Gorillaz’s live performance at the MTV Awards 2005 in Lisbon. While you’re watching, realize that those are holograms on stage, before a live audience.

Using the power of Cisco’s On-Stage TelePresence Experience, Musion has taken holograms to a new level. In the next video, you’ll see someone from San Jose, California talk live with a group in Bangalore, India.

What will gaming be like in five years? Ten? Lawnmower Man? Please.