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d20 Source

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

D20 Source is one of my favorite RPG blogs. Focusing on Dungeons & Dragons, D20 Source offers over two hundred articles so far on the art of dungeon mastery, player advice and writing for the RPG industry. The blog is maintained by Dragon Magazine contributor and Jonathan Drain, whose work you can also see in the pages of Kobold Quarterly.

Classic dungeon mastery articles include The Invisible Dungeon on adventure structure, practical advice on Adding a New Race to your campaign, and What Do You Use For Miniatures?. For players we have Playing the Rogue and an ongoing series Improve Your Game with The Art of War.

We can also find tools and material that you can use in your game, including a Ruby-based IRC dice bot named ‘bones’ and a free reprint of magic items from Jonathan’s earlier book “17 Relics”. Jonathan Drain’s D20 Source is well worth the read.