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Breach (2007)

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

I don’t watch that many movies; there aren’t that many worth watching. My friends kid me that I always walk out of the theater. That’s unfair; I’ve stayed for at least three that I can remember!

I was going crazy the other day, so I popped in Breach, in an attempt to numb my brain and relax. It’s a decent flick; I was pleasantly surprised.

The part of Robert Hanssen, one of the biggest spies in US history, is played by Chris Cooper. I like this guy. He’s usually cast in a supporting role, so I think one of the reasons I paid attention to this movie was that he had a central part.

Eric O’Neill, the guy who played an integral part in bringing Hanssen down, intrigues me. Perhaps this is because we’re the same age, I don’t know. He wasn’t an agent, but dreamed of it. But, seeing the stress the life of the FBI caused for his family, he walked away. O’Neill currently practices law in DC.