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Thank You

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

To those with whom I served. Thank You.

To those we left behind. Thank You.

To those who protect me still. Thank You.

Back to School

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

I am so close to getting out of the Army I can almost taste it. The next 27 days will probably fly by, but they can’t go fast enough.

I’m not going back to school right away, but at some point I’ll be taking advantage of my GI Bill. Pondering going back to college has got me thinking about my past experiences…

I went to Harding University after high school. It’s a small school, as Universities go, but it’s a good one. I especially liked the School of Business. The staff and faculty were talented and genuinely interested in the welfare of their students. Unfortunately, I was an Accounting major and most of the jobs in public accounting are in the NYC area. When I transferred to SUNYA, I exchanged a great education for a good one, but I gained better prospects for a job. I guess for some that’s what counts, but I often bemoan the loss of the small-school atmosphere.

So here I am looking to go back to school. The thing is, I already have a degree and I don’t have the desire to enter an intensive degree program. I’ve had a “career”; now I want a life. If I were enrolling today, I’d probably take a bunch of history classes, none of which would gain me a degree, but all of which would be on topics I’m interested in. I spend so much time studying ancient cultures and history, it’ll be nice to have someone (the US Government, no less) paying me to do what I love. Who cares if I get a degree out of it, I’ll enjoy the ride.

Of course, I only need 12 credit-hours for a Masters. I wonder if UW has a program in ancient near eastern history…

I’m Home!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Got back from Iraq last night.


Now I sleep.