5 RPG Products You Can Fit Into A 63,206-Character Facebook Status

The recent Mashable article on Facebook’s new status limit included everything from Bambi to the Bible. Here’s my version, using RPG products.

Background: Facebook recently made it so you can post status updates up to 63,206 character long.

Here’s a couple RPG-related products that would fit wholly within that new limit.

Pumpkin Town
Created by Peter “Doc Fortune” Seckler, and available for free on Jared Sorensen’s Memento Mori Theatricks site, Pumpkin Town grew out of early game design discussions on the Gaming Outpost forums. In particular, Mr. Seckler credits Mike Mearls, Jared Sorensen and Nathan Hill for their help in the creation of this fun little game.

You can get it here.

e-Publishing Secrets
In this pamphlet, 12 to Midnight’s Preston P. DuBose shares “The shocking truth about starting your own RPG company.” You can grab it on the 12 to Midnight website, or head over to DriveThruRPG and pick it up, along with the ePublisher Guide from Minion Games and GM Skarka’s ePublishing 101. Or, for something more recent, there’s I am Mongoose, and so can you! by Matthew Sprange of Mongoose Publishing. Alas, none of these latter three fit in a Facebook status!

You can get it here. (PDF Download)

GameMastery Module D0: Hollow’s Last Hope
Written by Jason Bulmahn and F. Wesley Schneider, and released as a free PDF on 23 June 2007 (Free RPG Day), this was the first adventure ever set in the fabled land of the Pathfinder (that would be Golarion, by the way). I wonder what ever became of Laurel, Falcon Hollow’s canny herbalist. Hollin Hebbradan should be almost 15 years old by now. I hope he doesn’t claim her heart…

You can get it here.

And I quote: “the best thing ever posted on a livejournal.”

You can thank Ben Lehman for this gem of a game, in which your character is “an extreme street luger.” If you want a game that fits in a Facebook status, this is it. Hey, it fits on a single sheet of paper!

You can get it here.

Guestbook: The RPG
A really awesome game (IMnsHO) from Machine Age Productions, it is actually a series of characters. You choose one and another player chooses… another. And, you play. I’m not sure how many characters have been published to date, but the initial series of five was followed by a second series (thank you, Kickstarter) and supplemented by a number of special characters from Gen Con.

You can get it here.

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