Looxcie LX2

The Looxcie “Ear Cam” has been upgraded, and I can’t wait to try it out.

Last September, I wrote about the Looxcie “Ear Cam”. It operates like those blue tooth tools people have on their ears, but you can shoot video instead.

Well, the Looxcie has a new look and some new toys to go with it. Introducing, the Looxcie LX2 (aff) Wearable Video Cam.

As I no longer have an iPhone, I’m glad to see that the Looxcie now works with Android phones. In addition, you can now store up to 5 hours of video (in mp4 format).

I’m also glad to see some clips and mounts. There’s one for your baseball cap (aff):

If you’re into mountain biking, paintball, etc… there’s also a mount for your helmet (aff).

Even better, for me… There’s clip for mounting your Looxcie on the visor in your car (aff). I wish I had this while on Tour this Summer. It would have made video on the road much easier.

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