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GetGlue is a new social network for entertainment.

A simple GetGlue summary: You can check into the media you’re consuming; books, movies, music and games. You can even check into ‘ideas’, but that seems a little nebulous and silly, so I’ve not paid any attention to this option. It’s very similar to foursquare, and you can tie both networks together so that you can (for instance) check into New Year’s Eve (on GetGlue) while watching it at your local theater.

This, of course, assumes you still go to the movie theater.

Anyway, I’ve been poking GetGlue for the better part of the last month, trying to see if there is ‘anything there’. At first, I was very frustrated, as the database backing up the service is a little lacking.

Lacking #1: You can check into podcasts, but very few of the shows I listen to are on the list. I’ve submitted Marketing Over Coffee (one of the best marketing shows, period) multiple times, and nothing has happened.

Lacking #2: You can check into games. On the app face, it lists “video games, board games, etc.” Alas, there aren’t anything but computer games. I tried checking into Monopoly (aff) and the only options were computer versions of the game. You don’t have the option of checking into the tabletop version of one of the most well-know board games. Forget about Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, Settlers of Catan, et al. I’ve tried to contact GetGlue numerous times to offer help with their database. Nothing.

That said, there may be a good use for GetGlue, particularly for game publishers. If you’re looking for a game idea, and would like to plug into an entertainment trend, you can check out the Top Trending Shows. When I checked the list, it had The Walking Dead, Dexter, Once Upon a Time, Hell on Wheels, and Homeland as the Top 5. The list changes all the time, depending on the day of the week, but some of the shows float to the top on a regular basis.

The Walking Dead: Zombies – ’nuff said.

Dexter: Crime and murder. Perhaps your game could focus on hiding some behavior that society deems aberrant.

Once Upon a Time: Folklore and faerie tales.

Hell on Wheels: Post Civil War cowboys, perhaps with some alternate history thrown in.

Homeland: Modern investigative drama. More crime (in case your keeping score).

You might find this useful. If so… and you end up making a game because of it… let me know.

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