Marketing Lesson from Braum’s Ice Cream

The fast food industry has spent millions of dollars to figure out how to market to us. What can we learn from them?

While in Oklahoma City, as part of the Gamerati Tour, I had the chance to have dinner with the crew from Super Genius Games. According to the Geniuses, I just had to get some ice cream from Braum’s; and so we did. While standing in line, waiting to order, I noticed the menu displays above the counter (pictured above). These are the same displays you see at any number of fast food joints, from McDonald’s to Panera Bread. While staring at them, I began to wonder if the fast food industry can teach us something about marketing.

I wonder if a retailer might make use of the same display theory to communicate new releases and customers. The display doesn’t, per se, have to be as blatant – it could be as simple as posters above related book shelves – but the concept would be the same… Promote those items that are most likely to attract a customer’s attention, so as to induce a sale.

What about package deals? Most people grab the meal deal, even if they end up throwing away half the fries. Why? It’s convenient and easy to say yes to. Why not offer that new pirate adventure from Green Ronin with a ship map set from Savage Mojo, with a small discount to encourage purchase?

Could this be used at conventions, to drive sales at booths? What about placing such items above the check out area to encourage customers to pick up the custom Cthulhu dice that would ‘go great with’ that game they’ve got in their hands (your new release)?

What about marketing special events at the convention during registration? If I’m signing up for the Catan event, I might like to also know about (and pay for access to) the meet-and-greet tomorrow night, with famous board game designers in attendance.

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