Mapping Geographic Data

On Friday, I wrote about some of the analytics tools I’m building so that hobby game publishers and retailers can learn more about what products are selling, where, and to whom.

As part of the Gamerati Analytics project, I went out looking for a way to render maps based on geographically significant data. I knew that I wanted to have data mapping available, but it seemed that would be just a dream without a hefty budget.

Then I ran into Pete Warden from OpenHeatMap.

Right now we’re working on ways to integrate his mapping technology with the Gamerati Analytics back end. To give you an idea of what this might look like, check out the map below (click image to go to map):

This is a map of the friendly local game stores that I have personally visited. Nifty stuff, right?

Added bonus, if you point your mouse at the map, it’ll tell you the name of the nearest FLGS (that I’ve been to) and how many miles away it is.

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