Maximizing Facebook’s Live Feed

For some reason, Facebook has decided to limit the number of people who can see your updates to 250. For those of us with more than 250 Facebook friends, this is not good. If Facebook allows 5,000 friends, wouldn’t it be nice if 5,000 people could view your updates?

There is.

Step #1: Click on the Home Page

Step #2: Hover over the right hand side of one of the updates in your news feed until you see the Hide option

Step #3: Click on on the Hide option and select the option to hide the person whose update you’ve selected

Step #4: Select ‘View Live Feed’ (Upper Left)

Step #5: Select ‘Edit Options’ (Bottom Right, near Footer)

Step #6: In the dialog that pops up, unhide the person you ‘hid’ in Step #3 (above), and then change the number of friends in the bottom left.

That’s it. You’re done.


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