WANTED: Gaming Sites & Blogs

Sometimes companies have trouble finding enough customers – bad problem. That’s not me.

I have a ‘good problem’ – I have too many customers and not enough product to sell them.

What am I talking about? Online advertisements. I represent some of the best gaming blogs on the internet. Things are going great. I think I’m keeping them happy – filling up their ad inventory with high-paying creatives.

But I need more.

I need to, at least, double my available impressions. Triple would be nice. And I need to do it now. I keep turning away advertisers and it’s killing me.


If you have a quality blog, and if you would like an ad manager, please get in touch.

What is quality?

* Critical Hits: critical-hits.com
* Dungeon Mastering: dungeonmastering.com
* Gnome Stew: gnomestew.com
* Johnn Four’s Roleplaying Tips: roleplayingtips.com
* Jonathan Drain’s d20 Source: d20.jonnydigital.com
* Kobold Quarterly: koboldquarterly.com
* Musings of the Chatty DM: chattydm.net
* Treasure Tables: treasuretables.org

Pen & Paper RPGs. CRPGs. XBOX. MMORPGs. If you blog is about these things, in part or in whole, I want to talk to you.

EDIT: Problem officially solved. Thanks for the responses and suggestions, folks.



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