[APV1005] Hero Art Templates Compendium 5

Hero Art Templates Compendium 5 from Applied Vectors is a “compilation of character templates that you can use for your character portraits.”

Basically, AV has taken a 3D model of a character, and placed it (her in this case) in twelve different poses. Your task is to place hair, clothing and equipment on the template before coloring it in. I’d be curious to know whether people find this kind of product useful. Personally, I don’t get it… But I’m open to being shown the error of my ways.

Any takers?

Now, the templates aren’t really that bad. I printed out a couple to see them on paper. If you use this product, I’d suggest printing in a light greyscale so that the darker areas don’t overpower the open spaces – the noses, in particular, have deep shading which looks… odd when printed out. After printing, I used a pencil to sketch clothing and then inked all the lines using a fine-point art marker (you can use a sharpie, I guess).

Not too bad, but I still don’t get the point. And I’m not convinced that 12 poses for a single N/PC is worth $2.80.

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