Six Arabian Nights nominated for an ENnie!

When I patronized the Six Arabian Nights Open Design project, I was giddy. Wolfgang Baur, Zeb Cook AND Jeff Grubb on the same project? Yes please!

During development, Wolfgang asked Senior Patrons to discuss Siwal, City of Gardens, and give ideas for expanding his original concept. An energetic discussion ensued, to which I contributed a couple ideas. How was I to know that they’d make it into the final draft.

Yes, I’m not a headliner on the project. I am listed in the credits for Chapter One, though. That was awesome for me.

And now Six Arabian Nights has been nominated for an ENnie! And I worked on it. Very cool.

Please go vote:

SIDE NOTE: I also patronized Empire of the Ghouls, which is also up for an ENnie.

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