Books for the iPhone and iPod Touch

I’ve been looking for a way to sell books for the iPhone for some time. Back in April, while chatting with Mike Stackpole at GTS, I mentioned this to him. Mike’s been publishing digital fiction, experimenting with different formats, for some time. In addition to selling his work in a format readable in Second Life, Mike told me he’d been working with a developer to make a platform for serving books for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

On Friday, the wait will be over.

ZappTek is releasing their Legends product. A few of the features:

– Triple tap screen inversion for low-light reading.
– Double tap zoom and text rotation.
– Bookmarking and placeholder memory

Read Mike’s blog post here:

View the images of ZappTek Legends here: ZappTek

The following books will be coming soon to your iPhone:

– Least of My Brethren
– Jed and the Titanium Turtle
– Kid Binary and the Two-Bit Gang
– Once a Hero
– The Silver Knife
– Serpent On The Station

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