Weekend Review: 08 June 2008

Kobold Quarterly
Our Anniversary Issue (#5) popped this week, in time for Origins. My favorite articles: Jezebal, Princess of Poison Winters by James Jacobs and V is for Vermin by Aeryn Rudel. Now I gear up for the GenCon issue – advertisers have a week left before we close the books. If you’re looking to promote your products and services to the thousands of screaming kobolds that read KQ, now’s the time to contact me.

Atomic Array
The work-up for the launch of my new podcast is going well, though I have yet to nail down the website. My mock-up is done – it’s just waiting on the codemonkey to make my vision a reality. Episode #001 should be released on 20 June.

… or stuff that I still need to put to bed.

OpenID: I need to wrap up my understanding of how to “provide” my own OpenID. I need this before I can relaunch my personal website, so if anyone can help me out…

Firefox Audio Player: I know that making one of these is possible, but haven’t found one yet. I need a tech guru to write me. Know one?

Web Radio: I know I just posted this one, but it’s going on the list until I get an answer. I need an idiot’s guide to internet radio, or a mentor.


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