Holographic Video Conferencing

Today’s video games have great graphics, and game environments are becoming more and more immersive. Virtual worlds, like Second Life, can’t match the power of a console gaming platform, but what they lack in graphical finesse, they make up for by providing a rich social networking experience.

They’re all outdated crap!

Compared to what companies like Musion are doing, even the X-BOX can be considered a dinosaur. Watch the video, below. It’s a recording of Gorillaz’s live performance at the MTV Awards 2005 in Lisbon. While you’re watching, realize that those are holograms on stage, before a live audience.

Using the power of Cisco’s On-Stage TelePresence Experience, Musion has taken holograms to a new level. In the next video, you’ll see someone from San Jose, California talk live with a group in Bangalore, India.

What will gaming be like in five years? Ten? Lawnmower Man? Please.

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