Advertising: Effective Brand Communication

I will be giving a talk at GenCon Indy this year about advertising: Advertising: Effective Brand Communication. There are so many topics that can be covered in a talk like this, I need your help determining which ones to focus on.

Here are some broad areas…

(1) Print Advertising: Discussing a short list of things people should consider, such as headlines, graphics, typography, etc.

(2) Audio Advertising: Producing quality audio ads and placing them on podcasts, radio.

(3) Online Advertising: Banner advertising and what to look (out) for.

(4) Video Advertising: Tips for a quality video ad.

I’d like the talk to help companies understand that there is a reason behind advertising – generally, you want people to buy something. However, you must always use advertising that supports your brand, or you’re working against yourself.

Anyway, I could use your help in this way…

(1) What do you want to know about advertising?

(2) What do you see are the topics at that junction between advertising and brand management?

(3) What tools can I give someone in 43 minutes that will encourage them to think differently about their own advertising and how it impacts their company?

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