GTS Day 1

A good day. Steve and I arrived mid-morning, in time for me to grab a water and make my way to Skyview for the podcasting seminar. Don Dehm, from Pulp Gamer gave an interesting talk about how podcasting can be used by publishers, and retailers in particular, to reach the gaming public. Many of the retailers were interested in how to use podcasting in their stores – in part to influence customer buying decisions, and in part to educate their own employees. There was a long discussion about how retailers can partner with established shows to drive traffic to their brick and mortar locations and websites. If you have ideas on how publishers and (especially) retailers can use podcasts to communicate with the gaming public, I’d be very interested in hearing them.

I went to lunch with Dan Repperger (Fear the Boot) and Allan Sugarbaker (OgreCave Audio Report). We had a nice chat with Ryan Dancey. As always, he had some good insights to share, and I hope to speak with him again soon.

I ran into George Vasilakos and the guys from Eden Studios. It’s been years since George and I have been in the same city, so I enjoyed catching up with him. I also got to see Larry Franchini, one of the first guys who I played D&D with. I wish we had more time to hang out…

Marcello Figueroa has some exciting projects in the works. I’m hoping to corner him tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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