Heroic Toolkits: Vehicles

Heroic Toolkits: Vehicles was just released. That’s three books from Ed, Inc in one week!

“Vehicles make exciting props for a True20 story. They create instant images in the minds of players and represent mobility, travel, passion, conflict, intrigue and virtually any other emotion or concept that the Narrator wishes. When the Narrator describes the villain arriving in a pearl white Aston Martin or escaping in a sputtering Sopwith Camel World War I biplane, a scene is set in the minds of the players! Vehicles help set the scene and help create an image.

The True20 rules provide basic statistics for a few common types of vehicles. This supplement provides the Narrator with more. More vehicles, more options, more feats and more suggestions on gameplay. Spice up your True20 story with True20 vehicles—up in space, below the waves, on the freeways or the muddy dirt track roads of some medieval kingdom. More action and excitement awaits!

The statistics in this book are based on the latest available True20 errata, which greatly modified the statistics of vehicles originally printed in the True20.”

This Product provides Players and narrators with an abundance of vehicles and vehicle weapons from a number of popular roleplaying game genres including Fantasy, modern, near future and far-flung sci-fi and space settings.

You can grab your copy at these fine e-retailers: One Bookshelf, Your Games Now and RPGObjects

It should be noted, that when buying the PDF from RPG Objects, you will receive a special discount on the print version when it becomes available. Those who purchase the PDF from another seller need only provide proof of purchase to RPG Objects to qualify for the same discount.

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