Weblink Round-up

As an interesting exercise, I thought I’d note all the sites I go to for a week. Here’s the list, in order of time spent on each:

(1) WereCabbage Publishing [werecabbages.com]: As the hub of all thing Cabbagey, I spend many hours each week discussing projects, brainstorming, and hunting down freelance opportunities.

(2) LiveJournal: I’m a big fan of the LJ Friends page. I spend at least an hour a day reading what you all post to your journals.

(3) True20 Adventure Roleplaying [true20.com]: I’m working on 30 True20 projects over the next year. What better place to do market research and promote your work than the home site for the system?

(4) Kobold Quarterly [koboldquarterly.com]: The magazine is growing every day. I’ve been working with our web guru to tweak the store and forums, which means I spend a lot of time pinging the site.

(5) Paizo Publishing [paizo.com]: What can I say, I’m a Pathfinder fanboy. I’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t been able to participate as much as I like, but I visit the golem daily.

(6) Reality Deviant Publications [realitydeviants.net]: The publisher for many of the True20 projects I just mentioned.

(7) facebook [facebook.com]: Sharing pictures, and playing Scrabulous with my friends… A nice diversion.


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