Compost in your Campaign?

Before I get to the subject of this post, I thought I’d share a couple more pictures. These two were taken on the street outside my house in Smochevo. I really like the one of the cart…


OK, so to the point… In the back of my sister-in-law’s house, there is a compost pile. Nothing too strange about that, really. I have one in my garden in WA state. But this one is inside the foundation of an old structure that no longer exists. You can see, in the second photo below, that there used to be a stairwell here descending to a cellar of some sort. The masonry was too unstable, so they blocked it up and used the old stairwell as a compost pile.


I think I’ll use this in a game or story some time. A compost pile is not the first place someone is bound to look, when searching for adventure. It’d be a nice change from the more normal story elements.

Miro discovered the tomb by accident when he went to visit his father’s people in the highland stronghold. The village was a collection of hovels strewn across the crest of the Kirim Mountains, surrounded by birch and pine forests. With the men off to war, and the women conscripted to work the land, Tartarus lay empty. Only the elderly and infirm remained

So what happens to a small mountain village when the ancient tomb of a great king is discovered? How fortunate for Miro that he is one of the only able-bodied warriors left in the area. But the young lord has his hands full when the tomb’s guardians are loosed upon the village. And what of the brigands and scofflaws who prey on villagers in the absence of law and order? Can Miro defend his father’s holdings, contain the monstrous beasts he has released, and claim the treasure buried in the earth?

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