Preview: Blight Elves

Here’s a little taste of Blight Elves: Architects of Despair, the upcoming release from RDP.

Agony Altars
Hundreds of these tables wrought from volcanic glass, dark but veined with lines of purple and green, lie scattered within the Palace of Pain. Appearing no different than any other sacrificial altar complete with rusted iron manacles and stains of dried blood, their magical properties transform them into obscenities of a much higher order. Any living creature bound to one of these altars loses the ability to die. No matter how great or extreme the injury, the magic of these altars traps a spark of life within the body. Unfortunately, for those so bound, the altars do nothing to heal any injuries they might sustain, nor do they cushion them from the pain. Not even old age or starvation frees someone from the grip of an agony altar. So long as they lie helplessly bound to its surface they must endure any torment visited upon them.

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