Greg Oppedisano gets Cabbagey

Monsters of NeoExodus: Harvester of Sorrow
A gentle keen is the first sound you hear as this plaintive creature steps from the shadows and slides towards you. Exuding melancholy from its expressively sorrowful eyes, its call causes your heart to wrench with ageless pain. Dressed in the tattered remains of clothing from its past life, the rags cling to the rot twisted flesh on its deteriorating frame. Your nostrils are assailed by an earthy scent that hints of the recently left grave. The jagged remains of self inflicted wounds trace their way up the arms of the creature; the pinched noose still hangs from its neck; all the while it looks longingly into your eyes willing you to join it in relentless misery. A harvester of sorrow lurks near suffering and misery waiting for an opportunity to inculcate the living with its pain wracked song of madness and hate. Harvesters are created when the souls of suicide victims are refused entry into the after life, cast back to the world and forced to walk the world in their old bodies for ever feeling the pain that drove them to such desperation. Individual harvesters bear the wounds of their suicide – be they long jagged cuts along the arms, the remains of strangulation ropes on the neck, the shattered bones of long falls or the bloat and stained skin of those that succumbed to poison.

I’m not done yet. Check out this press release from Devil’s Worshop

Louis Porter Jr. Design, in association with Devil’s Workshop, is proud to announce that Greg Oppedisano, RPG writer who has worked for such game companies as Paizo, Goodman Games and 0one Games; has just been hired as the Line Editor on Devil’s Workshop upcoming new project.

“While working with Greg on Monsters of NeoExodus: Harvester of Sorrow, I pitched him an idea that I wanted to do with this project. Greg loved it, took off and ran with the whole project. I think when we announce this secret project a lot of people will be amazed and astonished that we are doing something like this,” commented Louis Porter Jr., owner of Louis Porter Jr. Design. “When this project is released, I believe it will draw a lot of new interest to Devil’s Workshop and Louis Porter Jr. Design.”

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