Ancient Warfare 4-2007

The next issue of Ancient Warfare Magazine is about to hit the stands. Check it out…

Theme: The Roman conquest of Spain 218 BC – 24 BC.
* Jasper Oorthuys, Introduction to the theme
* Jona Lendering, ‘A view from the periphery. Appian of Alexandria’
* Ed Healy, ‘The General: Viriathus’
* Duncan B. Campbell, ‘The siege of Numantia. How Scipio Aemilianus conquered the bravest of all cities’
* Xavi Rubio, ‘The battle of Emporion: Cato’s Triumph’
* Kim Stubbs, ‘The battle of Ilipa. Scipio’s rise begins’

* Patryk Skupniewicz, ‘The Warrior: Sasanian heavy cavalry’
* Be a General, ‘Xenophon’s Cavalry Commander’

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