Tell Me!

This entry kind-of rambles. So be it.

When someone says they are going to do something, I expect them to do it. If for some reason they can not, I expect to be told. And I don’t want an excuse—just give it to me straight. I’m a big boy. I can handle it. Don’t come up with some lame reason. My favorite one these days is “My computer crashed and I lost all my files.” BS. Either you didn’t do it, or you’re embarrassed by the result, but don’t blame your dang computer. Be a man and tell me you screwed the pooch.

I’ve not always had a sterling record when it comes to giving my word. Ok, I used to lie. My parents were so convinced I couldn’t tell the truth that I grew up thinking my Dad’s belt had my name on it. I even got whipped for things I didn’t do, because they’d never believe I wasn’t involved. I was a little hellion.

But now? Now I just want to truth—warts and all. Tell me my writing sucks. Tell me why, too, so I can fix it. Tell me you don’t like me. Tell me why, if you have a reason. Tell me you don’t want to work with me. Tell me you have to bail on a project. Tell me… But don’t hide behind a lame excuse. Just spit it out.

Oh, and tell me how cool I am, too. I like compliments.


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