When it rains…

Every writer gets writer’s block. It can be very annoying, so I’m glad I don’t get it that often.

I’ve got a different problem right now. I’ve got “writer’s flood.” I’ve got so many ideas bouncing around in my brain right now I’m having trouble grabbing one, wrestling it to the ground, and forcing it into a finished form I can be proud of. Instead, I find myself thinking about Project A, while working on Project B–only to find my mind wandering back to Project A when I’ve put it down to do something else. Argh!

Project A: Due in three weeks. 1/2 done.
Project B: Due in six weeks. 1/4 done.
Project C: Due in eight weeks. 1/4 done.
… and on and on and on.

I wish I could put each project in its own little room inside my brain, lock all the doors save one, and march down the line, completing each of them in turn. Instead, I feel like I’m in a looney bin.


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